Image Uploader Scripting API
Functions.h File Reference

Global functions Note that string type is UTF-8 encoded unless otherwise stated. More...


string AnsiToUtf8 (string str, int codepage)
string AskUserCaptcha (NetworkClient *nm, string url)
string Base64Decode (string data)
string Base64Encode (string data)
bool CopyFile (string src, string dest, bool overwrite)
bool CreateDirectory (string path_, unsigned int mode)
 DebugMessage (string msg, bool isResponseBody)
bool DeleteFile (string utf8Filename)
string ExtractFileName (string path)
string ExtractFileNameNoExt (string fileName)
string ExtractFilePath (string fileName)
bool FileExists (string fileName)
string GetAppLanguage ()
string GetAppLanguageFile ()
string GetAppLocale ()
string GetCurrentThreadId ()
string GetFileContents (string filename)
string GetFileExtension (string path)
string GetFileMimeType (string filename)
string GetScriptsDirectory ()
string GetTempDirectory ()
string hmac_sha1 (string key, string data, bool base64)
string HtmlEntitiesDecode (string src)
object include (string filename)
string InputDialog (string text, string defaultValue)
string JsonEscapeString (string src)
string md5 (string data)
string md5_file (string filename)
string MessageBox (string message, string title, string buttons, string type)
bool MoveFileOrFolder (string from, string to)
object ParseJSON (string json)
 print (string arg)
bool PutFileContents (string utf8Filename, string content)
int random ()
string sha1 (string data)
string sha1_file (string filename)
bool ShellOpenUrl (string url)
 sleep (int msec)
int system (string cmd)
string ToJSON (object obj)
string Translate (string key, string originalText)
string url_encode (string value)

Detailed Description

Global functions Note that string type is UTF-8 encoded unless otherwise stated.

Global functions