Image Uploader Scripting API
implement.h File Reference


int CreateFolder (CFolderItem parent, CFolderItem folder)
array GetFolderAccessTypeList ()
int GetFolderList (CFolderList folderList)
table GetServerParamList ()
int ModifyFolder (CFolderItem folder)
int ShortenUrl (string url, CIUUploadParams params)
int UploadFile (string pathToFile, CIUUploadParams params)

Detailed Description

Functions to implement

You have to implement at least one function — UploadFile.
If you want to support album listing/creating/modifying, you have to implement also GetFolderList, CreateFolder, ModifyFolder, GetFolderAccessTypeList.

Function Documentation

array GetFolderAccessTypeList ( )

Function that returns a list of the types of access restrictions to the album:   private, public, friends only, etc.

return ["Public", "Private"];
table GetServerParamList ( )
useWebdav = "Use WebDav",
token = "Token",
enableOAuth ="enableOAuth",
tokenType = "tokenType",
PrevLogin = "PrevLogin",
OAuthLogin = "OAuthLogin"
int UploadFile ( string  pathToFile,
CIUUploadParams  params 

Required function for server Type="image" or Type="file".

1 - success,
0 - fail
-1 - fail and abort upload (for example, authorization failed, this value supported since v.1.3.1)